I help you confidently answer the question, “What do you do?”

Attract more clients & simplify your marketing with an effective story-based pitch.

Are you missing sales because you can’t explain your work in a clear and compelling way?

  • Do you cringe when someone asks, “What do you do?”

  • Does the conversation fall flat once you answer?

  • Or worse yet, do they glaze over with a blank stare?

What you do might be “complicated”, but explaining it doesn’t have to be.

What if telling people what you do

ignited fun and engaging conversations?

When you know the fundamentals of how to

write compelling copy, you’ll be able to:

Communicate Your Value

Know exactly what to say so people respond with…”Ohhhh, tell me more!”

Simplify Your Marketing

Use your pitch on your website, social media and all your marketing materials.

Earn More with Less Effort

Once your brand message is clear and consistent, the sales will follow.

I get it. Nothing’s more frustrating than knowing you can help someone, but not feeling equipped to communicate how.

After 20 years in marketing, I've realized that nothing else in business works if your messaging doesn't.

Helping people clarify their message is my superpower and I'm on a mission to make it feel fun and easy.

My story-based approach is backed by brain-science and it's the key to getting people excited to work with you and simplifying ALL your marketing materials.

Kris Jones

Messaging Ninja & StoryBrand Guide

Use your pitch on your website, social media and ALL your marketing materials!

3 steps to a clear and compelling copy that attracts more clients

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Attract More Clients With An Effective Story-Based Pitch

Incorporate your perfect pitch Into your website and all your marketing materials

“The Perfect-Pitch Process really enlightened me

on how effective story-driven marketing can be!”

I was in the thick of updating my website but was struggling with how to communicate what I do in a way that was clear and compelling. The Perfect Pitch Process helped me get the exact words I needed to connect with the right audience increase revenue.



"I was making a pivot in my business, and I needed help in communicating my new niche. The Perfect Pitch Process helped me clarify my ideas and encapsulate my offerings in a succinct and compelling way. It really enlightened me on how effective story-driven marketing can be!"



​I was searching for a new job for nearly an entire year. I couldn't communicated what I did in a clear and concise way. After going through the Perfect Pitch Process I had a simple way to communicate my unique value. I updated my linked in profile and got hired for my dream job within 7 days.



Stop losing sales.

You’ve worked too hard not to stand out from the rest.

Learn what makes copy compelling and craft your perfect pitch in under 30 minutes — so you can boost confidence and make more money!


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