StoryBrand Website Copy That Sells —

in 2.5 Hours Flat

An exclusive Done-For-You service for self-employed experts ready to double conversions.

Most service providers miss out on sales because their website copy isn’t working.

  • You DIYed your website but it's not attracting enough leads

  • You feel paralyzed when trying to write your own copy

  • Your plate is FULL and you don’t have time to do it all yourself

  • Your website doesn’t reflect the impact of your work

  • The last copywriter you hired couldn’t capture your voice

  • You know "telling a story" is important but you're not sure how to do it

Crafting high-converting website copy that sells shouldn't be so hard.

I can help you:

Get a Return on Investment

Make smart copy decisions that guarantee a return on your marketing dollars.

Stay in Your Zone of Genius

Have website copy that sells for you 24/7 so you can stay in your zone of genius.

Know It's Done Right

Collaborate with an industry pro so you know it’s done right — in 2 hours or less.

Here's the challenge:

When you're self-employed, you're too close to your own business to talk about it clearly — which makes it literally impossible to get the perspective needed to create copy that sells.

It's like trying to read a label from inside the bottle. 

It just doesn't work.

That's why my Copy That Sells Program is so effective, because you have an expert by your side to give you the guidance, clarity and perspective needed to make sure it's done right.

I get it. Not being able to find the right words is frustrating.

You became self-employed because you love solving a specific problem. The last thing you want to deal with is "marketing".

You're not alone. As a business owner myself, I understand how challenging it is to wear "all the hats"— and how expensive it can be to hire someone to write copy for you.

Many of my clients come to me after dumping $10k on a single sales page that didn't even work. Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you clarify their message so they can focus on the work they love and let their website do the selling for them. 

I believe creating copy that sells should be quick & easy.

Here's my simple, but effective formula for success:

StoryBrand Framework + Clear Words = Increased Profits

In 3 simple steps, you'll have high-converting copy that sells — so you can do what you do best.

1 — StoryBrand Messaging Shortcut (1 Hour)

Answer some simple questions while watching the cliff notes version of StoryBrand so you can make smart copy decisions that guarantee a return on your marketing dollars.

2 — Done For You Website Copywriting

Get a massage or enjoy a long lunch with your friends while I get busy leveraging 20 years of industry experience to map out the exact words for your website — so you know it’s done right.

3 — Customized High-Converting Website Blueprint (1.5 Hours)

We'll hop on a 90-minute collaboration call to review and refine your new copy until it feels perfectly aligned with your voice and the nuances of your industry. You'll walk away with website copy that will will sell for you 24/7 to attract more leads and amplify revenue!

Includes 30 days of light edits & support.

"Kris took my answers and magically wordsmithed them into something so much better. I fell in love with the copy!"

Neill Williams

"It worked! Within 24 hours of updating my site, a client booked my service without any sales call needed!"

"Working with Kris turned things around for me and my business. Within the first week I had 3 prospective client calls booked! (Normally I averaged 3 a month.)

I was initially worried by the price tag but now see the immense value she provided. Getting just one new client more than covered my investment.



"I used to spend hours on sales calls and it was eating up a lot of my precious time. 

Kris helped me simplify my site and create a clear message that resonates with potential clients. She made it easy for them to understand my unique value too.

​Now I can focus on work I love because my website does the selling for me."



I was initially intimidated about creating new website copy because I had recently hired a writer who wrote in a style that just "didn't feel like me".

Kris' thoughtful guidance made the process not only fast and painless, it was fun!

Kris restored my faith in copywriters AND captured my voice to a T. I'm delighted with the results!



It's a Bonus-Palooza!

BONUS 1 - $500 Value

How to Gather Testimonials That Sell

Get my proven system to effortlessly gather testimonials that sell for you. You’ll learn how to get testimonials that are so good you will never have to worry about "getting" clients again.

BONUS 2 - $750 Value (Limit to first 3)

High-Converting Website Review

Once you've implemented the copy we create, I'll record a comprehensive video review of your website with feedback on font treatment, photography, design and layout to make sure your set up for success and look like the expert you are.

BONUS 3 - $10,000 Value

Proven Sales Funnel Templates

High-converting landing pages, thank you pages,

and sales pages that you can create in under an hour.

BONUS 4 - $500 Value

Headshot & Website Photos Made Easy

Know exactly what photos you need to stand out as an expert in your field and build instant trust with potential clients. Give this guide to your photographer to make sure the shoot is a success.

"I was a straight A student in school, so it was discouraging when my carefully-crafted website didn’t get the results I was hoping for.

I was struggling with client acquisition and the growth of my business had stagnated."

"Working with Kris turned things around for me and my business.

It was great having an expert in the Storybrand framework guide me through each section of the home page. Kris provided the exact wording to clearly dissolve prospective client concerns and communicate my value.

Within the first week of working with Kris, I had 3 prospective client calls booked! 

(Typically I average 3 a month)

I was initially worried by the price tag but now see the immense value she provided. Getting just one new client more than covered my investment.

Kris’ training videos made our 1:1 strategy session that much more focused and impactful. It gave me the opportunity to think about the problems faced by clients and the benefits I provide. We used some of my wording so it felt like my voice, but Kris tweaked it and helped me decide if certain phrases should stay or go. Then, she provided additional feedback after I implemented the changes.

If you’re on the fence about hiring Kris, I say do it!"  


No icky selling tactics — guaranteed

My approach is based in authenticity, trust, connection and storytelling methods that convert without all the pushy stuff.

No Copy Experience Needed Guarantee

I know exactly how to pull out the information I need by asking the right questions that gets us what we need in order to connect and convert new clients.

Headache-Free Guarantee

All you have to do is follow my streamlined process which makes it not only easy but fun. Plus, I'll be by your side every step of the way.

Love your Copy Guarantee

I promise you'll love the copy we craft because we'll nail your voice and you'll understand the strategy behind why it works. Plus, I don't just do the copy for you, I "teach you how to fish" so you can replicate the process again and again!

Don't let mediocre web copy keep you from doing more of the work you love.

Too many service providers end up burning out simply because they didn’t have an expert by their side to make sure their website was strategically set up to help them convert new leads with ease. 

You’ve worked too hard to keep struggling.

Let's make sure your copy does the heavy lifting for you 24/7.

StoryBrand Website Copy That Sells —

in 2.5 Hours Flat

If you're ready to double your conversions, I'm ready to help get you there.



StoryBrand Framework cliff notes tutorial
Custom web copy written in your voice
90 min custom StoryBrand strategy session
Website blueprint with exact copy placement
Website review once copy is implemented
30 days of support & light edits
90 min Strategy Session Scheduled ASAP

"I love Kris Jones' work"

— Donald Miller, Author of Building a StoryBrand


Does the program include copy for all my website pages?

I take an integrative approach to website copy, so the home page we'll create includes all the "typical website pages" into one page— an "About You" section and a "Services" section. Why? Because scrolling down your page is a much more intuitive and smoother way to digest information and tell a story (vs. having to navigate from page to page -- this can feel "choppy" — especially for mobile users).

What if I have changes after our session?

The Copy that Sells Program includes 30 days of light edits and support. We'll be sharing a google doc that's collaborative so it's easy to ask questions and get feedback after our session is complete. Also, once your copy is implemented on your website, I'll review it one last time to make sure everything is perfect and set up to sell — not only from a copy perspective, but also from a design perspective.

Why is telling a story so effective on a website?

Storytelling taps into our primal/emotional brain, which is where decisions are made. Humans are simply wired for story because it's been the way we've connected since the beginning of time, sitting around the fireside. My approach is not only about telling your story, it's about inviting your customers into a story with you so they feel seen, heard and understood. Story is the most effective way to attract the right clients without the need for "icky selling tactics".

Does a "less is more" approach really work -- what I do is complicated and I have multiple audiences?

One of my favorite quotes is "If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter — Winston Churchill".

Getting your ideas clean and clear takes effort. This is why the internet is full of so much clutter. I think a lot of us overestimate just how much time our clients have to spend reading our website. You are doing y our buyer a favor when you curate, edit and refine your work. When you respect their time, they trust you more. People actually don't read websites anymore, they scan them. So everything we create will be with that in mind. In the end, your copy will be easily digestible, effortlessly scannable and will motivate your potential client to take action.

What's a wireframe?

Think of a wireframe as a blueprint. It's the best way to get the strategy in place and your words dialed in, before the design process. You would never build a house without an architect, so definitely don't build your website without a strategy.

Does this include website design?

This program is strictly about getting your website strategy and copy created so it does the selling for you. Once you implement the copy on your website, I'll record a loom video with my feedback on the overall design as well as copy so you know it's done right.

Who does this program work best for?

Copy That Sells works best for service-based solopreneurs.

Still have some unanswered questions?

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